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This site is about the game Final Fantasy 3

the best game ever ( in my oppinion )

there is also a chat room for all fantasy lovers or if you just want to chat with some people about any thing

and if you have any questions about any of this site leave your question on the guestbook and also leave your email address and I'll email you back

oh and here are some helpful hints on F.F.3

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This site was created by me Kris of the jonsson brothers from the horror web site "The Graveyard" on angelfire

here are instroctions on how to get far in the game .......................

ok to get exp. go to the baron falls you know after the returners hide out go after the first save point press up now this is the wrong way to go but I know this if you have a turbo control pad use it so it keeps on the "A" button select memory on the config. option and select banon on "health" Edgar on "autocrossbow" sabin on fight and Terra on fight Banon will keep them alive and they will attain there peek in a few days or so you can unplug the SNES system from your tv but thats it you will now be able to watch tv and the game will be on countinuas loop so when you return to the game in a few days they will be to level 99 the highest that you can get .

here is info on how to get alot of exp. In the world of ruin put one person in your party go to doma but not in the castle cast "vanish" on the person walk around out side with the exp. egg and you'll reach high levles the quickest ever in the game but be sure to cast "vanish" so the enemys cant hurt you if you don't the monsters will kick your ass and use the exp. egg for the quickest exp.

comming soon there will be a mailing list and a short story list if you would like to sign up for either put it on you entry in the guest book or just simply email me and say you would like to be on one or the other or both HERE IS SOME CHARICTOR INFO.


This human/esper fights the empire for what it did to her and made her kill people she was born of an Esper father and a human mother so the Empire stole her from her parents when they envaded the Esper world


Hates the Empire becouse his X-girl friend who lost her memory was killed in an Imperial attack and because he promessed Terra and Celes that he'd protect them


is a returner but the emporor thinks he's an Imperial but Locke is his link to the returners


Edgars twin brother who joins the returners to help his brother and who saves his brother at mount coults


an assan who works for what ever you'll give him who has a secret un explaned connection with Relm there are hints to what it is if you don't want to know them then go on to the next charictor but if you do read on ......for thouse of you still reading here they are , when you first meat Relm you have Shadow in your party that is un controlible, intercepter ( shadow's dog ) seems to know and like relm when he normally doesnt like any one at all but shadow, Strago is'nt Relm's real gran father so he wouldnt know if Relm and Shadow were related, if you sleep with shadow in your party he has dreams on accation about thamasa , you don't know Shadow's real name, only Shadow and Relm can use the "momento ring" ,if you let Shadow die on the floating contonent at the end of the game it shows his head over thamasa, Shadow seems to ack odd when she is around so there are your reasons I think shadow is Relm's sister and relm is too young to know


she can use magic but unlike Terra she was inplanted with magic by the Empire when she surved as an Imperial General she found that the empire was evil and turned only to be beat by some gaurds until Locke saves her. She is an inportent charictor who you start with at the world of Ruin and does the singing so that they can get Setzar and his air ship


this 50 year old can really move he is the retainer of Doma castle until the Empire poisons the castle after failing to capture it by force so he meets Sabin and joins the returners but not only did the poison kill his friends and his king the REAL reason is it killed his wife and his only son so he seeks revenge on the Empire


only 13 a youth surviveing against all odds who was kicked out of his own house by his own father Gau meets up with Sabin and Cyan in the velt after they feed him with dryed meat boughtin the near by town now I have a secret senario for Gau to meet his father if you want to hear it then read this if you don't go to the next charictor........ there for any one reading here it is . Go to Gau's Father's house in the world of ruin with Locke, Terra , Gau , and Cyan in your party talk to him and do what he says until you leave then they say if that could be Gau's father then you will go to a town ( not controlible ) and the other charictors help him dress up and talk right then you will return to the house and Gau's father will not reconize Gau as his son but Gau will be happy and you will see the secret senario


Tricked in to becoming a returner but later sees that the Empire is evil and in the world of Ruin get his friend Darly's ( who died in an air ship crash ) air ship to replace his that parished when the world crumbled and they use it to smash Kefka from the tower


The last of the moogles who joins because his friends are doing it when you get mog in the world of ruin serch behind him and you will find the moogle charm wich makes it so when you equip him with it you will get in to no fights exept bosses


he may be 70 but he can move he come's from a town of mage worriors who use a magic extention called lores who also has an adopted granchiald Relm


Relm is only eleven but she has cool powers with her paintings she can mimic some what like go go but with the enamy and she uses a mirror image to use one of a monster's speasial moves now if you want to read Relm's secret read Shadow's discription but there is one more hint at the End credits it goes Relm, then Shadow then Strago and as they put Locke then Celice and Edgar then Sabin they put people that have alot to do with each other together at the end

more to come so see you soon

But until then here is a list of good places to get exp.

out side Doma in the world of Ruin

The Baron falls

The phantom forest ( only for magic exp. )

The dragon head forest (in the world of ruin just west of the velt)

The cave to the sealed gate

And last but not least

The floating contonent


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