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The   day   weirdness   began

Hello all

this is weirdness!!!

My other page on Angelfire did not work, so I've started my page all over here!! (are'nt you so glad)

just when you thought you got rid of my crazy antics, I'm back!

Tripod has supplyed me with more than enough space to do my page, so guess what I can put more anoying crap on my page !!!

If you have any weird and or anoying stuf to send me, please do! my addie is

there will be some very weird stuf to come in the next few weeks and this page will allways be under work (make sure to wear your hard hats)

I have a team of extreamly weird people so watch out

if you want to join the team please do! e-mail me and I'm sure that everyone has somthing to offer!!

well more to come, until then stay gold


You had better come back or I'll have these bags of bones come after you and I'll take you for a trip in my jet powered monkey navigated star ship that looks like a moose and I will drop you out over the atlantic ocean and you will die a horrible horrible death yall come back now ya hear!

what    is    weirdness


Well it all began one day, I was walking down the street,and I realized that I am like no other, I'm a member of a political party that I made up, I think about the weirdest stuf, I like things like comic books and horror movies,and I am like no other person, lots of people say that I'm weird and the other people say I'm anoying so I figured that insted of making a web site about just one thing, that I would make a web site about weirdness in general in other words ME !!!!! and other weird stuf I like alot of weird stuf and I will be looking forward to talking to you all and hopfuklly gain support for my political party with a population of 2 (me and my dog Chico!!!!!)

By the way don't forget to sign my guest book so I know who's been here

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