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What's Celeb Chat and WHY !!

Hello Weirdlings,
Your wondering why the hell am I making a Celeb Chat area and I'll tell you why

Well friends, Everyone has their own oppinion on weird stuf, and everyone knows how I fell about weirdness,(like anyone cares), but lot's of people want to know how their favorite stars think in turms of weirdness and this is how I find out
Because know one can travle into the weirdest places in a stars mind like me because I'll just annoy the hell out of them until they do !!!
Every week there will be a new Celeb to interview so come on in every week to see what person will get totally annoyed until the point that they don't want to live anymore and finally give in to telling me the truth
if you or anyone you know wants to see a star get interviewed then tell me in the guest book
okay then I'll see you next week for

CELEB CHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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let's begin
Kris: So Elvis, being a big fan of yours, I'll be respectful but I'am going to come right out and say it, what is the weirdest thing you've ever come acrossed???
Elvis: Well Kris, I'm a big fan of you too, and you page is the weirdest thing I've ever seen
Kris: okay all sweet talk aside what besides the web page is the weirdest
Elvis: all right that's a hard one that will be the song all shoke up by me!!!
Kris: would you care to tell us why??
Elvis: why sure, it was all shaky the first time we recorded it and originally it was called all screwed up but soon because it was all shaky we had to change the name just because
Kris: Thank you Elvis now you can go back to what ever you normally do again thank you very very much!
Elvis: That's my line !!!

WeiRd pEopLE HaVe ComE tO ThIs pAgE so FaR